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Otitis Media


Ear infection caused by allergens can be one explanation for chronic otitis media. The tube that drains fluid from the middle ear to the nose and throat can become blocked due to inflamed tissue. This builds up fluid in the ear and can cause infection.


Symptoms & Causes

All the symptoms of ear infection are the same with otitis media caused by allergies. Symptoms like earache, difficulty or muffled hearing, high temperature or a liquid/puss draining from the ear. However, with allergies ear infections can occur much more frequently when you are around allergens that trigger your body’s immune response. If you are suffering from otitis media frequently and suspect it’s because of allergies see your Ears, Nose & Throat doctor or an allergist who can help trace the root cause of your symptoms.


Diagnosis & Treatment

The first step will be an interview with your doctor where he or she will ask about family allergy history and your personal allergy experiences. Your doctor may then perform an allergy skin test or blood test to ensure allergies are the cause of the otitis media. Before treating the underlying allergies, your doctor may focus on the current ear infection symptom relief like the use of a warm compress, gargling with salt water or an over-the-counter ear-drop pain reliever. Once a solution for your current symptoms is in place your doctor may consult an allergist to help you learn about avoiding allergens, talk about possible allergy medication or discuss allergy immunotherapy shots or drops.



Allergies are inherently not preventable however they are avoidable. Using a filter in your home and a pollen mask are two tips. Other prevention suggestions are: stay healthy, avoid secondhand smoke and wash your hands frequently.

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